I wanted to launch this site with a brand new design, so let me tell you about this collection and why this is super important to me. When this thought came to mind, to me, was an answer to a daily struggle to a lot, if not all women (and men too) in this digital age. The number of times I've seen posts on Facebook of women covered in tattoos with the caption "I wish I was this pretty" or "to look like this"Your imperfections are not flaws, they are what makes you unique and beautiful. 

"Your imperfections are not flaws"

So let us break down this butterfly design for you.... The image of the butterfly in its final form, is it breaking free from its cocoon, which in this case represents letting go of your hang-ups and realising, you can only ever be a second class someone else. But you have a golden opportunity to be a first-class you.

The colours being outside of the line represent imperfections but no one looks at this butterfly and thinks "damn, that's one ugly butterfly" Finally possibly one of my favourite aspects. Every single butterfly by nature is unique.... just like you, making you SECOND TO NONE

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